• Intermediate to advanced premium freeride/freestyle crossover board.
  • High performance full carbon construction.
  • Strap and boot compatible.

The Apex Team is our premium freeride/freestyle crossover board. Coming from the same roots as the Apex, the Apex Team combines the traditional construction and shape with our high-performance Carbon Fiber Torsion Flex technologies.

Not only is this board built with a full carbon construction, it also features our Carbon Nano Rod Technology – the biggest innovation in twintips since the wood-core.

The Airush Nano Rod Technology utilizes 3mm diameter carbon rods embedded through the Paulownia wood core in an arc formation. This allows the board to have amazing torsional response and strength without the need to change core thickness or

The Apex Team brings the smooth elements of a freeride board together with the more aggressive elements of a freestyle board allowing riders to push their riding level while experiencing the benefits of a lightweight, high-performance construction.

Size: 135CM X 41CM | 138CM X 42CM | 140CM X 43CM



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